5. marts 2011

Where to keep my postcards?

The last couple of months I have been looking for something in which to store my postcards.
I was unsatisfied with what I kept them in earlier on and the postcards have been lying around in a messy pile. Until now!
Luckily, I have now found the perfect box and this week I have been working on decorating it. I am very happy with the result and it looks so much prettier in my home not having a pile of postcards on the shelf.

With this box I take part in the following challenges:

I apologise for the many pictures, but I wanted to show you all the little details.

A view of the box  
The top of the lid. The playing card of is from Graphics Fairy 
A tag on the side of the box
The front of the lid with many details
A tiny angel on the front of the lid
Small buttons on the front of the lid
Postcards inside the box

A nice weekend to all of you.
Thanks for stopping by.

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