1. maj 2011

Gone with the Wind?

No, fortunately, I have not gone with the wind, but I have not had time to make new creations.
The reason to this is that it is time for exams at the University, so I have been very busy preparing for my exams. I will be busy until the summer, but hopefully I will find time not only to use my head, but also my hands, so I can make new creations.

My latest creation is this little piece with a dancing couple. 
It is just a way of getting started again.
I have decorated the background with paper from and old book and some brown paper with white flowers on. Then I added laces, buttons and a little angel. 

With this creation I will participate in the following challenges:

 The creation

A little lace around the edge

The picture of the dancing couple

A little angel

A button in the corner of the picture

I want to say welcome and thank you to my new followers.
I feel very honoured that you want to join me here.

Have a nice week all of you!

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